Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (FoKSBI) is a forum established by the Ministry of Agriculture and its partners in October 2014. FoKSBI was launched to coordinate all sectors and initiatives focused on sustainable palm oil.


“To create a forum in Indonesia that allows mutual agreement on sustainable and systematic solutions for palm oil production that respects the environment, expands social benefits, and enhances the competitiveness of Indonesia.”


  1. To create a multi-stakeholder national action plan for sustainable palm oil.
  2. To monitor and implement actions that address the root causes limiting the sustainability of the palm oil sector in Indonesia.
  3. To influence and align government policies that ensure a strong and coherent legal framework for sustainable palm oil in Indonesia.
  4. To build partnerships and coordinate actions that promote sustainable palm oil in Indonesia.

FoKSBI consists of leading experts from all sectors, including business, the government, politics, agriculture, academia, and international development; Consortium Studies on Smallholder Palm Oil (CSSPO) is part of the forum.

To incorporate input from various stakeholders, including the private sector and oil palm companies, the civil sector such as NGOs and environmental associations representing millions of smallholders, and the government, FoKSBI conducts regular meetings for its technical working group. The outcome will form a draft national action plan for sustainable palm oil, which will be finalized and agreed upon in a series of plenary meetings and public consultations.

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