To discuss the 2017 activity plan, the members of the consortium held a meeting on:

Day                 : Sunday – Monday

Date                : 9 – 10 October 2016

Location          : The Hill Hotel, Batam, Indonesia


The meeting agenda consists of:

  1. CSSPO Roadmap
  2. Annual meeting or international seminar 
  3. Consortium funds
  4. Membership


The meeting results are as follows:

Joint research

  • Part of the roadmap
  • General topic: Smallholder partnership

Covering the following issues:

Involvement in international markets (including export requirements such as national and international sustainability certification), the impact of partnerships on smallholders’ livelihoods, and shift of partners from the government to the private sector.

Annual meeting

  • Evaluation of 2017 activities
  • Coordination of 2018 activities
  • Participants: CSSPO members invitees


International seminar/conference

Time                                        : Oktober atau November, disesuaikan dengan RT RSPO

Location                                  : Jambi

Participating Countries           :

  1. Indonesia (contact person: USU, UNJA, UNIMAL)
  2. Malaysia (UPM)
  3. Thailand (PSU)
  4. France (Marcel Djama)
  5. Netherlands (Diana: Astrid)
  6. Germany (Prof. Dompak) dan distrik Hannover (Marcel Djama)
  7. Africa (Kamerun)
  8. India
  9. China (Diana)
  10. Pakistan (Diana)

Selected papers will be submitted to a SCOPUS indexed journal. Person in charge: Shaufique

  1. The annual meeting and international seminar/conference will be held simultaneously alongside the Diplomatic Workshop with palm oil consumers from European countries (a collaboration between Perhepi Medan and Jambi)
  2. Funding
  • Internal

Each university contributes IDR 50 million in 2017

Submissions to universities are accompanied by joint research proposals, international seminar/conference proposals, annual meetings, and activities on the 2017  roadmap

  • External

Proposal submission to BPDP



  • Registration is done online through the consortium website
  • Must be recommended by at least one consortium member
  • Must conduct activities related to oil palm smallholders

The membership fee is IDR100,000 per year or IDR200,000 per five years

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