Pada tanggal 23 -24 Agustus 2017, anggota CSSPO melakukan Annual Meeting di Sanur Bali. Annual Meeting ini dilakukan bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi kegiatan yang sudah dilakukan pada tahun 2017 dan merencanakan kegiatan yang akan dilakukan pada tahun 2018. Annual Meeting ini dihadiri oleh anggota dari USU, JAMBI, dan UPM Malaysia.

Hasil pertemuan tersebut antara lain:

  1. CSSPO will discuss the possibility of having cooperation with CIRAD, France. Marcel will arrange a meeting between CSSPO and CIRAD or SALSA staff in between 20-27 September 2017 either in Medan or in Jakarta.
  2. CSSPO received an offer from Sarawak institution for conducting international seminar/conference in Sarawak, Malaysia. UPM will represent CSSPO as the PIC. Coordination with Sarawak institution will be discussed in USU, Medan. Currently the meeting date is still arranged with all possible involved persons.
  3. CSSPO website has been extended and the payment for 2018 has been made by USU, UNJA, UNIMAL and UPM. However, the information is still not complete yet. All CSSPO members contribution about university or individual/program information related to palm oil will really enriched the CSSPO web. The info can be send to Riantri (riantribarus@yahoo.com) to be uploaded. For administration reason a possibility to integrate CSSPO web with USU web will be made after 2018. USU will take the role as the main funding contributor if the web is integrated.
  4. For 2018, expenditure for each CSSPO will still be the responsible of each university.

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